September 2020 Calendar Printable


The 9th month of the year once had 29 days and then 31 days. It now has 30 days since the time of Emperor Augustus. Sapphire is the lucky stone of people born in September, and their lucky flower is morning glory. They have a Zodiac sign, either Virgo or Libra. It is an autumn season in the northern hemisphere and is similar to March in the southern hemisphere. The September story has many exciting things that you must include in your September 2020 printable calendar. So let’s start the process.

Printable September 2020 Calendar
Printable September 2020 Calendar

September is a month in which more people are born than any other month. With this interesting fact, there are many others which you will want to experience this time. So, see the list below:

Interesting facts about September

  • The school year begins in September for many kids.
  • People harvest barely crops in September.
  • Queen Elizabeth I was born in September.
  • The 9th month of the year has 9 letters in its name.
  • Share prices fall more in September than they rise.
  • It’s good to eat pomegranates and goat milk in September.
  • September is used more in film’s title than any other month.
  • September 20 is the mutual birthday of many people born in the last 20 years.
  • World War II started in September.
  • The name ‘United States’ came into existence in September.
  • The terrorist attack 9/11, which killed 3000 Americans, was in September.
  • Band-Aid was invented in September.

Enlist the ones you want to enjoy this September 2020 on the printable calendar. And it will make sure that you don’t miss out on any of it. With that, there are many other specific celebrations in September, let’s check them out.

Important days of September

  • Constitution week
  • Labor Day
  • September equinox
  • Pardon day
  • Mexican independence day
  • Michaelmas day
  • National Grandparents’ Day
  • Uncle Sam day

Make a separate list of these days on the September 2020 printable calendar. Make sure to keep the color scheme unique and not so bland. So that everything highlights appropriately. Also, designate a unique space to everything you note down so that nothing mixes up. Don’t forget to list down upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, exams, and anything else you like. Also, make a resolution of the month to learn something new or contribute something to society. If you are confused about selecting some, we are here to help you out here too. Following is the list of things September is famous for. You will find many things to do in the list below:

Blank September 2020 Calendar
Blank September 2020 Calendar

It’s a month of:

  • Baby safety
  • Blueberry popsicle
  • Chicken
  • Honey
  • Mushroom
  • Papaya
  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Better breakfast
  • National Hispanic heritage
  • National piano
  • Classical music
  • Self-improvement
  • Gynecologic cancer awareness
  • Leukemia and lymphoma awareness
  • National prostate cancer awareness
  • Thyroid cancer awareness

Schedule your resolution of the month on the September 2020 printable calendar. Keep in mind your busy routine while you set out this schedule. Because if there is some clash of your goals with work, it will be hard to manage. You can also set out multiple resolutions for a month if they don’t require much time, and you can handle it. Also, make sure that one of the resolution must be related to healthy living.

Make your September more exciting by attending a famous festival of September in any part of the world. This way, you will refresh yourself from everyday routine. We have listed a few major festivals below, which may fall in the area of your interest. So let’s know about them:

September 2020 Calendar
September 2020 Calendar

Here is the list of festivals:

  • C. Apple Festival – USA: This street fair is full of fresh pick apples. With that, there is a lot of free entertainment, arts, crafts, and food. The fun lasts for four days from August 30 to September 2.
  • The Braemar Gathering – Scotland: It includes various festivities and contests. Also, there will be music and dance including traditional Sword Dance of Ghillie Callum. The date to attend this event is September 1.
  • Floriade – Australia: This is a fall season all around the world, but it’s spring in Australia. It’s the best festival to attend if you get bored of autumn. It is much more than a flower show, including musical performances, art exhibitions, food, fashion shows, horticulture talks, craft activities, and cultural celebrations. The fun continues from September 15 till October 14.
  • Texas State Fair USA: The biggest and the oldest event goes on for 24 days from September 27 to October 20. There will be music performances, barn animals, pig races, beer, fried food, exhibits, and football.

There is a lot more to the story of September. You can add your own part to the printable calendar before you download it. Make sure it’s a perfect one. Stay healthy, stay nourished…

September 2020 Calendar Printable
September 2020 Calendar Printable