March 2020 Calendar Printable


The starting month of spring is named after the Roman God of War, Mars. As spring gives something new everywhere, this month was celebrated as the starting month of the year in Europe. People born in this month have Zodiac sings Pisces or Aries. Their lucky stones are aquamarine and bloodstone. Daffodils are the flowers for people belonging to March. With this brief introduction, let’s move on to what surprises we can have in March 2020 printable calendar.

Blank March 2020 Calendar
Blank March 2020 Calendar

For spring, everyone wants to design it with flowers of their own choice. So choose your favorite flower and set it in the background of the printable calendar. Make sure that the whole color scheme must go with it and everything looks perfect. Also, you must add a reminder section in a corner or at the bottom of the calendar page. Here you will list all the upcoming events, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, exams, and meeting of March.

You must set out some goals or resolutions at the start of each month. This habit brings you equipped with many new skills and a healthy lifestyle. You may find it difficult to choose some. We can solve this problem for you too. We have listed below all the things which are famous about March. You will find your to-dos here, surely.

March 2020 Calendar Printable
March 2020 Calendar Printable

It’s a month of:

  • Women’s history
  • American red cross
  • National nutrition
  • Fire prevention
  • Caffeine awareness
  • Flour
  • National craft
  • Epilepsy awareness
  • Fresh celery
  • Irish-American
  • Frozen food
  • Noodle
  • Peanut
  • Sauce
  • Professional social work
  • Youth art
  • Earth day

Among the above list, you can adopt many as a hobby. So select a few which you want to experience this March 2020 and schedule them over the printable calendar. You can also add a separate hobby section on it so that it becomes easy to manage the days specified for each hobby you want to adopt. With that, mark the special happenings of the month too. So that you can plan something exciting on the day. See the below list for the important happenings of the month which are famous worldwide:

Important days of March

  • Pi day
  • Read across America day
  • Saint Patrick’s day
  • Women’s day
  • Kidney day
  • Wildlife day
  • Sparrow day
  • Poetry day
  • Forestry day

Now let’s know some fun and interesting facts about this month. These facts may not become part of the printable calendar directly, but you can change its outlook in the inspiration of any of the points listed below:

Fun things about March

  • Anglo-Saxons call March as the stormy month.
  • Almost all military operations led by US-NATO happened in March.
  • As per olden Devon superstition, the first three days of March are blind days and are unlucky to plant new seeds.
  • It’s a season of NBA, so it’s the most unproductive month for the people of the USA.
  • Most of the UK prime ministers of the 20th century have their birthdays in March.
  • This month is the beginning of the mating season for many animals.
  • It’s an official bed month in a lot of countries including the USA and the UK.
  • 20th March is the day of 12 hours of the night and 12 hours of the day because the sun shines directly on the equator.

With all the exciting facts, let’s plan some vacation around the world. Because March is inviting you for so much fun all around the world. For planning a holiday, you need to schedule everything much earlier so that everything flows smoothly. Here the printable calendar will help you to mark the event to attend and plan everything for it. This way you can manage the days to take off from work, do packing, to shop for the trip, buying tickets, and all other stuff. Some events and festivals from all around the world are listed below, which may be of interest. See the list and decide on events to attend.

March 2020 Calendar
March 2020 Calendar

Here is the list of festivals:

  • Glasgow International Comedy Festival – Scotland: It’s the largest event of its kind in Europe. The emerging acts take the stand up at the stage. Lasts between 10-27 March.
  • Vancouver Fashion Week – Canada: It’s an increasingly high profile fashion event in Canada. It calls all the fashion lovers at glamorous social gatherings and runway shows. Lasts between 14-20 of March.
  • DC Environmental Film Festival – USA: This film festival delves into the impact of the modern society of humans on the planet that is sustaining it. Lasts between 15-26 March.

Choose an event form the above list to attend and take note of it on the March 2020 printable calendar. The list of festivals and events is not limited to the above, you can explore more as per your interest. But don’t forget to organize everything you want to do in March on to the calendar before you print it.

Printable March 2020 Calendar
Printable March 2020 Calendar