April 2020 Calendar Printable


Named after Roman Goddess of Love Aprilis or the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. 4th month of the year is spring season in Northern Hemisphere, and it is the same as October in Southern Hemisphere. April is a Latin word with the meaning ‘to open’, referred to as trees opening at springtime. People born in April are either Aries or Taurus, with the diamond as their lucky birthstone. Daisy and the sweet pea are lucky flowers for people belonging to April. That was all the introduction, which will undoubtedly influence you when it is time to design a printable calendar for this awesome month. Let’s see what else you must include in the printable.

The most important section of a calendar is the reminders section. A calendar is absolutely nothing without it. With the printable calendar, you can prioritize and categorize all the reminders you want to set for April. Also, you can assign a desired space on the printable calendar for this section. Here you will note down all the appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, ceremonies, conferences, and everything you want the calendar to remind you on time.

April 2020 Calendar Printable
April 2020 Calendar Printable

The month will go waste if you have not experienced anything new in it or have not learned something. Because this can improve your skills and improve your mental health. For your ease, we have gathered everything famous about April. Some of them will become your resolution of the month, some will be skills to learn, and some will be must to-dos. See the list of specialties of the month below and select the desired ones:

It’s a month of:

  • Poetry writing
  • Alcohol awareness
  • National Arab American heritage
  • Jazz appreciation
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Cancer control
  • Autism awareness
  • Child abuse prevention
  • Rape awareness
  • Sexual assault awareness
  • Financial literacy
  • BLT sandwich
  • Confederate history
  • Florida tomato
  • Garlic
  • Grilled cheese
  • Guitar
  • Lawn and garden
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pecan
  • Keep America beautiful
  • National humor
  • Soft pretzel
  • Stress awareness
  • Soy foods

Some of the above will contribute to your healthy eating and lifestyle too. So you must pick at least five of the above list and schedule each one on the April 2020 printable calendar. With that, you must experience something exciting about the month. So that it doesn’t end as a dull month. These will be facts about the month which you can also experience. Also, this can bring something in your mind about the design of the printable calendar. See the list below about all the exciting facts of April:

April 2020 Calendar
April 2020 Calendar

Exciting facts of April:

  • Many Japanese industries start their fiscal year in April.
  • Small animals that hibernate start coming out in April.
  • Butterflies and bees start collecting nectar from the first flowers of the season.
  • It’s harvesting and planting season at the same time in different parts of the world.
  • It’s a month of humor, so you must laugh up!
  • America’s first astronaut was announced by NASA in April.
  • Titanic sank in April.
  • Jackie Chan, Adolf Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, William Wordsworth, and William Shakespeare were born in April.
  • April and July always begin each year on the same day.
  • This month is lucky to get married.
  • People born in April are less likely to infect from many diseases and are more optimistic.
  • Aries men and women tend to attract towards each other.

With the exciting facts, you must also know the famous days of this month so that you can celebrate the occasion. Mark the ones of your interest on April 2020 printable calendar so that you don’t miss it. So here is the list:

Blank April 2020 Calendar
Blank April 2020 Calendar

Important days of this month

  • April fool day
  • Arbor day
  • Easter
  • Earth day

With special occasions, you must also not miss the special events and festivals of April in all around the world. Because break from a regular routine is a must. So pack your bags and decide from the event list below to go on:

Here is the list of festivals:

  • Songkran – Thailand: The water festival happens for consecutive 3 days during the celebrations of Thai New Year. Everyone participates in the water fight all over the country. Goes between 13-15 April.
  • Coachella – USA: Kicks off the summer music festival season in America with a bang. It’s the most awaited and most significant music festival in the whole world. Calls the music lovers from 12 to 21 of April to join the fun.
  • Nuremberg Spring Festival – Germany: The action-packed festival is celebrated on the banks of Dutzendteich Lake. A family-friendly atmosphere is full of fun with food, drinks, music, and modern rides. The fun continues from April 20 to May 12.

You must be excited about April 2020 to start soon because you have much to do in this month. But before it actually comes, design your printable calendar nicely and enlist everything you want to experience before you take out the print.

Printable April 2020 Calendar
Printable April 2020 Calendar